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P R O MS  A N D  F O R M A L S

Click on the Milroy's logo to view the 2017 prom catalog.

Holley's Shop for Men can help make your Prom and Formal something special. We offer a wide range of suit and tuxedo styles, colors and options to ensure you look your best. Holley's experienced staff will provide an experience unmatched. Each rental starts with custom measurements to provide you with a suit that fits you perfectly and with an unrivaled selection of ties and cumberbunds 

Locally owned does not mean smaller selection!

There's nothing wrong with renting a tuxedo for special occasions. What if you could buy and keep your tuxedo or suit for nearly the same price as renting?


If there's one thing that bothers groomsmen and ushers, it's the price of renting a tuxedo.  Reward your wedding party for playing a role in your special day by offering them the chance to buy and KEEP their tuxedo.

Holley's has a nice selection of Triple Play options available, just make sure to ask when you arrive at the store.

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