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Holley's Approach

Holley's is staffed by a team of guys who wear suits every day.  They are the experts when it comes to finding the right fit and the right look for you.


Finding the perfect suit on your own is more complicated than ever.  There are more style options and recommendations, making it difficult to decide what is best for you.  


The Holley's team will guide you through the process and make it easy and enjoyable.  They understand the confidence that comes with wearing the perfect suit. If it's for a night out on the town, a big interview, or a major presentation, Holley's will make sure you look your best with the right suit.


We have a selection that is just as big (some say bigger) than our national competitors and our pricing is just as good! 



Our Labels

The Perfect Fit

A suit that isn't fitted properly, no matter how expensive it is, makes you look like an amature...and in this world where you sometimes have to "look the part to be the part", looking like an amature can do some serious damage to creating a quality first impression.


Remember, there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL when it comes to finding a suit.


Here's what we look for when fitting a suit:


Neck Roll:  A bunched up  section of fabric between the shoulders due to a poorly fitted suit.  


Pocket Pull:  If the pants are too tight, the pockets push outward.


Arm Length:  Your suit should be long enough to just show a small portion of your dress shirt.  It should NOT be longer or shorter.


Slim Fit vs. Regular:  We all have different body types and slim is the new trend, but it isn't for everyone.


Pant Length:  It's amazing how often this is measured incorrectly!  

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