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The Holley's Experience

In an environment in which retail is dominated by large, big box stores and franchise chains, Holley's has managed to not only stay alive, but thrive for over 50 years.  

You're reading this because you are trying to decide if making the trip to our store is worth it, I get it.  You're a guy who still tries to make an effort to look good on a daily basis - somewhat of a rare breed nowadays.  I know there are plenty of choices for menswear in this area and even more options online, built out of our society's current demand for convenience.  I'm sure if you are reading this, you are a busy guy like me and don't have time for the usual fluff that comes from retail marketing, so here's my 6o second pitch on why you should at least stop into our store and take a look.

Holley's is built with you in mind.  Most guys don't like shopping, let alone shopping for clothes.  There are plenty of other more exciting ways to spend your money.  We make it as easy and painless as possible.  Stop in, we'll help you if you want it, we'll leave you alone if you just want to look.  If you want our help, we know how to find the looks that you deserve.  

Our selection rivals that of the big box stores, or "warehouse" stores.  You won't be pressured into anything and chances are, you don't have to wait for our next sale to get a good deal.  We don't get into gimmicks very often, offering six pairs of cheap dress shirts to you just for buying a pair of socks.  That's not what we're about.

We're not as convenient as buying online, but sometimes that convenience only lasts until you get your shirt or suit in the mail and try it on for the first time.  When you buy anything from Holley's, you'll leave the store knowing you look good in what you purchased.

Also, one last point... we've been known for quality suits and tuxedos for years, but we're a lot more than that.  Our selection includes high quality shoes, belts, ties, dress shirts for business or for a night on the town, golf attire, sportswear, leather jackets, jeans, sweaters and any type of attire you would ever need.

Stop into the store and have a look around, I'm confident you will not be disappointed.

- Sean Holley

Second Generation Owner, Holley's Shop for Men

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